Fashion Events

Somerset Open Air Market- the prep

I’m excited to announce we will participating in the SOAM Market this month! We will have a tent selling our ENAMOUR accessories along with other handmade artisans showcasing everything from doggy costumes to upcycled clocks. There will be live bands each week as well as a local Farmer’s Market and activities geared towards kids of… Continue reading Somerset Open Air Market- the prep


Who Made Your Clothes?

This month on I talk about a tragedy that occurred in 2013. The Rana Plaza collapse. Below is the article, if you want to learn more about the collapse, ethical and eco-fashion and the Fashion Revolution movement be sure to visit Trusted Clothes. After creating my second clothing collection, I remember a woman approaching… Continue reading Who Made Your Clothes?


Women in Fashion

During Black History month, I decided it would be great to highlight some influential Black women in the fashion industry. Sharing the stories and accomplishments of women like Pat Cleveland, Madam C.J. Walker, and Elizabeth Keckley was pretty awesome and I decided to keep it going in March through Women’s History Month. I shared more stories of… Continue reading Women in Fashion


Earth Day

As I grow older I’ve become much more interested in the environment and how we each play a part in taking care of our homes, neighborhoods and cities/towns and how that all translates into a bigger picture of taking care of the environment globally.  Growing up I didn’t think much of Earth day beyond reminding […]


Trusted Clothes- Denim Then and Now

This month one of my pieces about the history of denim was added to the Trusted Clothes Blog.  I decided to share it with you all – if you like content about the environment and sustainable and ethical living be sure to check their site out. It’s a wealth of knowledge. In 1849 the California… Continue reading Trusted Clothes- Denim Then and Now