The Inspiration Behind our Collections

A few months ago a I received an email from a woman who had recently purchased our earrings. She was writing to tell me that she had no idea that the earrings she had bought corresponded so well with the clothing I used to make. I explained to her that each collection of earrings are made… Continue reading The Inspiration Behind our Collections

Fashion Shows

Marilyn Riseman Symphony Luncheon Series

This season I had the pleasure of being one of the feature designers in the Marilyn Riseman Symphony Luncheon Series. The coordinator, Jane Conway, has done a wonderful job keeping the tradition started by Marilyn Riseman alive with new and emerging designers presenting collections at Brasserie JO in coordination with the Boston Symphony Orchestra schedule. When… Continue reading Marilyn Riseman Symphony Luncheon Series


The not so Secret to Success

If you follow me on Twitter you will see I often share and repost the work and quotes of Kelsey Humphreys. I first came to know about Kelsey through her Friday morning Quick Pep Talk. Every Friday Kelsey releases a short video on Facebook that encourages her viewers through a topic of struggle (some examples: fatigue, not feeling… Continue reading The not so Secret to Success