DEADLINE 1: Boston Magazine

Just a few days into sketching  what would be the preview by “Monarch” Collection for ENAMOUR, I looked at my calendar and realized the Boston Magazine dress deadline was two weeks away!

SUMMARY OF PROJECT—>Boston Magazine and Simons Mall had commissioned me to create a wearable non-textile dress  made of Boston Magazine covers.Once completed, the dress would be displayed at the Simons Mall Fashion Now event and would need approval from the Boston Magazine Marketing Director.  I had attended two meetings, one to receive the project details, and another to show initial sketches. In the second meeting the panel decided on my favorite sketch, which was also the most tedious…weaving paper.

BACK TO DEADLINE REALIZATION  I don’t know where my time management went wrong..but as of then I had this much done:

Over 600 pages shredded to create petticoat

So I set out to work on finishing the full dress in my two week deadline




2 Days of Prep

Day 1

Day 8

Day 10

Day 12

And finally at 7pm the night before my deadline…

The Finished Design


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