The Development of “Monarch”

Once I was all moved into my new home I started to unpack my sewing stuff. As I folded fabric, plugged in my machine, threaded bobbins, and got my markers,colored pencils and paper in order, I began to think about what I wanted my preview six outfits for Boston Fashion Week to be.

While at MassArt I had done some research on mourning Clothing worn in the Victorian Era. It was so intriguing that women had a set wardrobe to wear for one year and a day in order to mark time, and show that a loved one had passed. There were rules about fabric, accessories, colors,hair, and even who you could talk to and when. I wondered what a modern take on this would be for women now, and if it would work in our time, or better yet, if anyone would respect it enough to even try.

Then I saw the movie Young Victoria, which was a great film about the love and respect between Queen Victoria and her husband Albert.


After seeing that film, and already having so much research about mourning clothes, I knew that my collection inspiration was set.


I was going to mark time on the runway through color and silhouette. I decided my first pieces would be black and grey and slowly open up my color palette into deep purples, then creams and lighter tones.

The first few pieces would be sleek and simple with sheer cutouts and as the collection continued, it would open up into gathers, ruffles and volume.

Whenever I have a solid idea the excitement builds as my thoughts continue further and further, and my sketches develop in detail.

The sketches I produced in that week would become the six outfits that would preview my 15 piece Spring 2011 collection at Boston Fashion Week in September. This collection would be called “Monarch”.

It was time to sew…


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