NECN News Segment

Just as I was finishing the last outfit for my preview collection, I received an email from, the MassArt co-ordinator of the Boston Magazine Dress Project, Jayne Avery. She was emailing me to inform me that my dress, along with two other wearable non-textile pieces were going to be featured on a brief news segment on NECN (New England Channel News).

The non-textile pieces would be worn by models during the segment to promote the Simons Mall Fashion Now event in Burlington, Massachusetts. I was so excited to receive such great news! While making the dress I had no idea where it would be seen, or how it would be displayed. So this would be the first time I would see my creation on a person, as well as outside of the capacity of my studio.

We arrived at the studio at 7:30a.m to fit models

I was so pleased with the fit and silhouette of the piece once I saw it on my model! After the models were fit, we proceeded into the newsroom for the taping of the segment.

Click here to view —-> The News Segment

What an exciting way to begin my trip back to Massachusetts!

I would have a full schedule of events from this point on, including fitting Alexandra Hall, an Editor for Boston Magazine,altering a paper dress, participating in a fashion show, and being featured in a fashion event all in 3 days.


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