Time and Travel

As the month of August rolled in I mapped out my time management calendar. Once finished, I realized with travel time and meetings that I had far less days to sew  my garments than the other members of Rising Design. But that my designs still had to be up to the same standard as theirs in construction and appeal.

My calendar looked like this:

August 1-10 was spent moving into my new place and getting acquainted with the new town.The remainder of  August would be devoted to ordering fabric, drafting patterns, creating muslins for fit, and finally beginning the first few outfits.

The first 11 days of September I would have to finish four outfits. The Rising Design Model Match up was scheduled for September 14th. Since I was driving 491 miles to get to the scheduled Match Up I would be leaving a few days earlier.

In the days I was sewing before the Match Up, there were rare times either I or my boyfriend (who kept himself occupied with NBA 2k10) saw any “nights” end before 4 o’clock in the morning.

On September 12th we packed up my Passat and headed to Massachusetts.

Model Match Up ended up being a success! I fit all six outfits to a figure and took notes and measurements. This would be my only opportunity to fit the models before the show because the next time I would see any of the models again would be hours before the actual event. This left me very little room for error, especially when the clothing was not in its final fitting state.

As quickly as we had returned to Massachusetts, we were leaving. My boyfriend and I once again packed up the Passat to head back to Maryland. With all the travel that would occur in the coming weeks we became very familiar with the New Jersey Turnpike rest stops and food choices, almost always opting for Pop-Eyes chicken, and when it was late BK.


Once we got back to Maryland, I began sewing again. I knew I had to finish all six pieces to final form in 11 days. At this point, late night candy and Pepsi runs were becoming a ritual, and my boyfriend’s career highs and stats in 2k10 were great!

But of course..nothing can always run as smoothly as planned. I had finished  three of my six outfits, when we got great news that our new place was ready and we were set to move in. So on the 23rd we packed up a U-Haul, and set out…but when we got to the address, were told it would be a few more days!

Panic set in as I realized we would have a two-day hiatus with no place for me to sew.

Luckily my boyfriend’s sister offered her basement  for me to finish the rest of my designs.

My Basement Sewing Studio

It was in this basement that I finished my last three outfits. The tool workshop counter was too high to sitdown and sew, so I sewed  the rest of my garments standing up. I spent more than 12 hours daily here, grateful for each moment to continue finishing the pieces that would make their debut during Boston Fashion Week.


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