Home and on the “Baltimore Art Zone”

After almost two months of  non-stop sewing, travel, and attending events, I headed back home with the intentions of a week of rest. After that I would dive into creating this blog, making a website to sell my collection and just beginning the next steps.

I was two days into my rest phase when I got a call from my cousin, he had been speaking about my designs to a local tv personality in Baltimore. The tv host, Nate Howard, expressed interest in my work and gave me a call. The conversation went well, and two days later I was scheduled to appear on THE ART ZONE a local Baltimore TV show about all the art and design happenings in Baltimore. The program showcases designers, dancers, directors, art foundations etc. Basically anything art related in the city.

Because the booking was so soon, I was really nervous. I have only done one TV interview for Style it Up, a boston-based TV show about emerging fashion designer. That interview was scheduled weeks in advance and gave me enough time to calm my nerves. This one was literally a day away.

The day of the taping was a rainy one, so any hope of having a good hair day was out the window. I put on an ENAMOUR t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and Cruz (my boyfriend) and I set out for the hour trip to Baltimore.

The producers and host of  THE ART ZONE were great! They were funny, easy-going, and above all professional. I have to be honest, my nerves stood on edge, right up until the first question. After that I was really comfortable talking about my designs and company, it is always an easier topic than I expect.

We wrapped taping fairly quick, with just a few retakes of the introduction and the ending of my segment, and Cruz and I began our trip back home.

The show will air in December in Baltimore, Prince George’s County, and in South Shore Maryland.

To view the show via facebook —–> CLICK HERE


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