Simons Mall Fashion Now Event

Coming down from the craziness and joy of the success of the Rising Design Fashion Show was not a difficult task, as a designer one of the many things I’ve gotten used to is the fact that successful nights lead to busy days.I had got a call from Jayne Avery, the MassArt co-ordinator for the Boston Magazine Dress Project, who let me know that my non-textile piece would no longer be presented on a dressform for the Burlington Mall event, but would be worn by a Boston Celebrity! My celebrity,  Alexandra Hall, a fashionista, and style editor for Boston Magazine.

The day after the Rising Design show I had a fitting for the Boston Magazine Dress with Alex.  Alex was great to fit me into her busy work schedule, so I could make sure she would not only look fabulous on the runway, but also be comfortable.

        I spent the night before the Simons Show altering the paper dress. It was 6 hours of paper weaving, taping, glueing paper strips and of course, watching movies. I always like to put on a movie I’ve seen before as background noise while I am creating my designs. If I’m sewing I switch it up and keep my I-pod on my favorite playlist, letting it play on repeat.

                                          October 2, 2010- SIMONS Mall Fashion Now Event

The Stage and Runway

Alex on the runway


On the Runway


The others designers, who created their non-textile designs from Simon Mall Gift bags and Legal Seafood bibs.

Alex off the runway

After the runway show I attended the reception

Kate Tirone - Event Manager for Rising Design

Felicia Verry-Motta, owner of Spanish Fly, with her husband Antonio

SIMON Mall gift bag dress


Jennifer Verakemp- MassArt Advisor for Fashion Design Program and Jayne Avery- Coordinator of SIMON Mall event for MassArt

This was a great event to end my trip to Massachusetts with. I had a wonderful time, got to see some great fashion, and non-textile designs. I had the opportunity to mingle with family, friends,and wonderful people who saw me through the MassArt fashion design program. I also got the opportunity to meet and talk with some great people in the industry.

The event received coverage from News Channel 5 Boston’s Morning Edition—–>click here to view.

The next morning, my boyfriend and I repeated our all too familiar task of packing up the Passat, and headed back to Maryland.


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