Many Hats…

The past few weeks have been a learning experience. They have taught me the many hats I will wear in this industry as I begin to create a brand in fashion.

Being a Pisces, emotional and artistic, the  process I enjoy the most is the creation of beautiful things. I love searching out the perfect fabric for a design, knowing the drape and texture will make my design speak to its viewers. I love the successful feeling of creating a well-tailored, perfect fitting garment,that lets the woman wearing it feel comfortable and confident in any crowd. And there is such exhilaration and pride when watching my design come down the runway. All of these experiences bring me such joy.

Unfortunately, in the past few weeks I have experienced none of these moments. Instead I’ve been trying on the many hats I’m now responsible for wearing making sure each fits just right.

Before ENAMOUR, I wore my “Designer” hat- a comfy, warm and well-worn in beanie.

Now I will be wearing:

A “Head of Marketing and Promotions” hard hat, made to take all the tough hits of the trial and error ideas of getting a brand recognition.

A “Stylist” fascinator,small enough to wear often so no accessory or hairstyle goes unnoticed in passing.

A “fabric sourcer” bowler, worn for business, numbers and comparisons     A “Technical Designer ” cloche, focused and precise in drafting and details.

A “Graphic Designer” fedora, cool enough to always know whats up to date, but classic enough to recognize the layouts that appeal to the masses.

I saw this picture and thought it was a great visual for my daily balancing act:

All of these jobs are meticulous in their own right. So you can imagine that my days are filled with so many different hats and situations to handle, all which require the same details I would give a pattern measurement, or the drape on a garment.

This week will end my technical designer duties. November will begin my graphic designer duties as I create the company website. Some time within those duties I will also be the marketing director,which is a non-stop job, and fabric sourcer as I get the fabrics ordered for the new designs.

All and all I am really enjoying each hat that has been placed on my head.


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