I just received an email from a photographer I admire, not only for her gorgeous photos and handmade books, but for her wonderful personality- Heidi Vail. She  was emailing to let me know that a photo shoot is in our future! We will be shooting some of the designs in the “Monarch” collection. If everything goes right, we will be shooting in December or January, which will mean some great shots on the website, as well as the chance for a great collaboration.

Here are a few photos of the last shoot we did for some of my art-based designs.

The first dress was created with plaid fabric. I wanted to use pleating to create a stripe. The stripes would then slowly open back up to reveal the original plaid print. When Heidi saw the dress she immediately thought of travel, and made that the theme of our shoot.

Model: Priscilla Amado

The second dress I created with the inspiration of flower petals. With the obvious statement made in the construction of the dress, Heidi found a beautiful floral setting for our next shoot.

Model: Priscilla Amado

I was so amazed with the place Heidi chose, that of course, I’m no photographer but I  couldn’t resist snapping a few pics on my blackberry:

The pool area

Entrance to the garden

covered Gizebo

portion of the garden

Priscilla snapping a few shots too  


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