Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is here, and with my move to Washington D.C. one of the things on my holiday checklist was to see the National Tree Lighting Ceremony. The week of the lighting ceremony I called to reserve tickets only to find out that tickets are sold November 5-7th! Cruz and I had missed our chance to see the lighting, luckily the tree is lit nightly(minus the ceremony and words from President Obama). So, I was a few days late, but I got to see this beautiful display last night!

All around the base of the tree are miniature train sets.

And as we walked along the path to the National Tree, there were miniature trees, decorated, each representing the 50 states. Here’s Massachusetts’ tree:

After seeing this display last night, I will definitely be on the phone in the beginning of November to reserve our tickets to see the full ceremony next year!

The holiday season is a great time to not just purchase gifts for the ones that mean the most to us, but to also reflect on how much those people mean to us. How their presence in our lives make things a little better each day. Or how we may not smile, or laugh as much as when they’re around.  We accrue so many material things during the holidays, but the most valuable thing we have is our loved ones, both family and friends.

I wish everyone that reads this a Happy Holiday and a truly Blessed New Year.


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