January: a month of patterndrafting & snow fall

With having my blog up and being present on Facebook and Twitter, the next obvious step would be to upload my website:


I was excited to break out the “HTML for Dummies” book and begin my short stint as a graphic designer, but of course no process is an easy process in the design field. In order to showcase my work, and begin to take orders on my newly built site, I would have to patterndraft 6 sizes (4-12) of each item I have sketched and or created in the past few months, 15 items (90 patterns in total).

So I set out to make January the month to create all my patterns completely graded from sizes 4-12.

my drafting supplies and laptop to watch Netflix movies

one pattern sized six times

After making the initial pattern, it’s important to create a “fit” piece, usually called a “muslin”. This piece is sewn in a fabric close to your final fabric, but isn’t the final fabric. Once it is fit to a model or a form, and all corrections are made to the pattern, you can begin grading the pattern to however many sizes are required.

patterns and muslins

During the first week of January, I was into my fifth pattern and “fit”piece, when my sewing machine just stopped. I sat in shock for a few moments, thinking maybe my outlet had shorted, so I unplugged,plugged,switched outlets, unplugged, plugged and then finally realized it may be my machine and not the outlets.

I’ve  had my machine for 9 years and its been through art school, orange peel collars, dryer lint “paintings”,windowscreened veils, numerous fashion shows, plane rides, and not to mention just recently all my trips to MA, and sewing in a basement workroom for a short time. With all of these experiences under our belts together, you can imagine why I was so shocked and in the end devastated to see my soldier of a machine die.

my new sewing area…minus my machine

Last sewing area I worked in

The next day I set out to find someone who could revive my machine, and keep my patterndrafting/sewing on track.


I found a great little family owned business called Material Girls in La Plata, MD.  They specialize in Bernina machines, and were willing to diagnose and hopefully fix mine.


Now,4 weeks later I’m still without my machine…they are diagnosing the problem, and hoping in February I will get it back .With that being said, January has been a slow and behind goal month. I have successfully cut all my initial patterns and have the “fit” pieces cut but not sewn…

So while waiting for my machine and trying to not be discouraged by this major standstill, I’ve been trying my hand at cooking, and baking, and watching tons of YouTube tutorials for new ways to style my hair, with my newly cut bangs.  New year, new impressions.

Last night I also got to enjoy my first real Maryland snow fall. Here are some pics:

Although I am enjoying learning food recipes and hair styling  tips, I am hoping February proves a lot more productive than January for ENAMOUR.


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2 thoughts on “January: a month of patterndrafting & snow fall

  1. kMoney says:

    i love your new sewing area … it has a CHAIR! and seeing the ultra-organized packaging and labeling of the patterns made me drool. excited to hear about your February adventures, which I’m sure will involve a fabulous NEW (or newly revived) machine!

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