Frantic February

Thanks to my membership with FGI of D.C. (Fashion Group International) I was able to attend New York Fashion Week! I saw the Cynthia Rowley show. The show of course lived up to expectation,as did the masses of fashion lovers that swarmed the displays and diligent bloggers that lined the floors getting in their up-to-the minute blog posts.

Big Screen to watch shows booth photographing JUNE AMBROSE

After attending New York Fashion Week, I cam back to the D.C. area inspired and ready to sew.

I got a call from a client, who wanted me to design three custom looks for her trip to Miami.

2 of the 3 designs. A linen halter romper and the essential knit cocktail dress

So I met with her, got her measurements, and began sewing. The whole process went smoothly, and not only did I enjoy working with her, but she was also my first sale!

Of course I had to frame “the first dollar”

While discussing fashion, she started telling me about  Vitacoco  (she is a regional manager in this area) and invited me to D.C. Fashion Week, where they were an event sponsor.

Kim Woodlen, regional manager for Vitacoco and Me (image courtesy of

I attended the D.C. Fashion Week Networking event, which was a great way to meet some industry contacts and models. The event also included a fashion show at the end with some work from featured D.C. designers. I thought overall the event was a great start to a much-anticipated week in D.C.

I ended this month with celebration, not only for ENAMOUR’s first sales, but for my birthday! On February 26th I enjoyed a great day with  family and friends.

With February being such a great month, I look forward to the uploading of the ENAMOUR website, and two fashion shows coming up in March and April. More to come!


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One thought on “Frantic February

  1. kMoney says:

    Great job! The resort collection looks great so far, can’t wait to see it. Have fun celebrating, you deserve it after such hard work!

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