March Madness

March turned out to be a month of many opportunities and great experiences. The first being the opportunity to have one of my dresses selected for wardrobe in a Worn Magazine photo shoot! Worn Magazine is a D.C. based magazine whose third issue’s photo shoot  is dedicated to D.C. fashion, and will be available to purchase in April. I will be posting pics of the launch party ,happening April 1st, in a later post.

After dropping one of my dresses off to Worn Magazine, I began finishing off two more dresses for an April charity and fashion event “Ribbons on the Runway”. I donated three dresses to this great charity event, which features a silent auction, to raise money for women with breast cancer. The event will take place Sunday April 3rd, at Emerson College in Boston, MA. So that means next week, I will be in the Passat, driving up north to make an appearance at the event.

As I mailed out the dresses to be shown next weekend, I felt like things would hit a lull, until I got home and was reading tweets from designer Wendy Kaufman of Banshee Fashion,  about her great experience with Baltimore Fashion Week, and how she was preparing her collection for 2011. Being curious, I went to  their site  and  figured it couldn’t hurt to apply. Two days later I was pleased to find out that I had made it past the pre-registration phase, and I was officially invited to be a designer at Baltimore Fashion Week! I’m excited to present my collection, so my work begins!

But before I start my endless hours in the studio…I had to enjoy a day at the monuments for the first bloom of the Cherry Blossoms this weekend.


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