MOBIUS Wearable Art Runway Show

If you are in the neighborhood on Friday, May 6th definitely check out  the MOBIUS Gallery’s Wearable Art Runway show.

MOBIUS will be showcasing works from artists with many media backgrounds including performance art, knitting, jewelry making, mixed media collage, sculpture and fashion design…with only one link in common. All the artists featured at this event have created Art pieces that can be worn.

Months leading up to the event, MOBIUS posted an online submission of words. Anyone could submit any word, and these words would then be transferred onto a piece of fabric that would hang in the gallery, as an ongoing installation piece. At the end of the installation, any artist or designer could submit a design that they would create using the Word Game fabric, that would later be worn in a runway show at the gallery.

I had received an email from a friend of mine, Ellen Shea, about the competition and I figured it couldn’t hurt to enter.

My design

A few days later I recieved an email from MOBIUS event curator, Jane Wang. She let me know that I had won the Word Game Fabrication Competition!
I was excited to  have won, but even more excited to be apart of a gallery event, since my first Degree was in Fine Arts. In the days to follow Jane sent me the Word Game Fabric and I got to work.
When I received the fabric, I realized that a lot of the colors were bright and the words really popped, which was different from my initial idea of the piece while I was sketching it. So I headed to the fabric store, and instead of gold chiffon and lightweight fabric, I decided on a great silver fabric, that I thought would pop just enough to keep up with the Word Game fabric.
I wanted to go for a street art feel, while still keeping with the style lines of my original sketch.
Although I can’t unveil the dress that will walk down the runway on May 6th  right now, I can leave you with this mood board, that embodies the direction I went with the dress, and promise pics of the event to follow.


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