MOBIUS Wearable Art Runway Show- the event.

Last Friday, May 6th proved to be a great event, embodying art from inflatables, knitting, and  jewelry to performance art ranging from a wearable human scroll, to a multi-person dance skirt. I was unable to attend the Mobius Wearable Art Runway Show, but thanks to the great video, and photography of so many talented people, I felt like I didn’t miss out at all!  I have included some images of my favorite pieces.

Inflatable Metamorphosis artist: Charlie Roberts model: Liz Roncka

Amy Keefer -you all know me

Julia Dusman – “Tarantula” Necklace

Robyn Giragosian and Caleb Cole – Pom Prom

SeungHye Kim –The Pad Dress 

I want to thank Ellen Shea, for representing me at the show, and making my models and outfits look fabulous on the runway, while still attending to her own piece.

Ellen Shea with model Rebecca Woodbury in her Little Red Re-Design dress

Here is my model Chantal Lima Marquis  wearing my Smartie Dress. She looked stunning!

And here’s my model Northern Siren looking great in my street art inspired winning design – Word Game Dress

For more pics of the event check out some great photographers sites:

photographer Justin Moore’s Flicker site

Also thank you to Jane Wang, for being so on top of communication with the designers and models, that this event truly was a joy to be a part of, even from a distance.


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