Baltimore Fashion Week-the anticipation

Browsing the internet one night in April, I came across a “call for designers” for Baltimore Fashion Week. The deadline was a week away, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to submit a few designs,the worse they could say was “no”.

A few days later I got the news…I had made it!! I was officially a featured designer for Baltimore Fashion Week!

This year Baltimore Fashion Week will be shown in the same style tent as  New York Fashion Week.

The shows will occur from Thursday, August 18th through Sunday, August 21st, each night showcasing something for everyone. Designers will show everything from eco-friendly designs on Thursday to high-end fashions on the week’s finale night on Sunday.

With the acceptance into Fashion Week, I now had to begin the process of creating the rest of the “Monarch” collection (For the application process I had submitted the three designs shown previously at Boston Fashion Week).This gave me two months to draft all the patterns as well as sew the full collection by June 20th, the final fitting.

With many long nights and endless movie watching, I finished the 16 looks that make up the “Monarch” collection. The final fittings went well, and I managed to get an excellent model line-up. I’m so eager to see the ladies on the runway!

A week after the final fittings, I received an email saying how my collection, which was supposed to be showcased Saturday, August 20th, had caught the eye of the coordinator, and they had decided I would be best suited as a finale day designer and showcase on Sunday, August 21st!

With Fashion Week just a little over a month away and all the small fixes complete, we are all eagerly awaiting a wonderful Fashion Week.

If you are in the area, it’s definitely an event you want to be a part of. Click here for ticket info.


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3 thoughts on “Baltimore Fashion Week-the anticipation

  1. Ruth F. says:

    That is amazing! I have been checking your blog a lot lately and am thrilled to hear such great new! I can’t imagine the excitement!

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