Baltimore Fashion Week- the reality

Last Week I participated in Baltimore Fashion Week. The experience was a great one for so many reasons. The first being the exposure. A handful of designers were picked to have their works photographed for the Baltimore Sun, as well as to be interviewed for CBS News Baltimore in building the anticipation for the event, and I’m happy to say, I was one of the designers asked for both slots.

The photo shoot was phenomenal, it was surreal to see the set-up and the hours that go into a professional shoot. The models and fashion for and from each of the featured designers looked great during the shoot, and wonderful in print.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of Cat Reinheimer

photo courtesy of Cat Rienheimer

The news segment was fun, Ron Matz of  the CBS Baltimore News section”People are Talking” has a great personality, and really knows how to get everyone involved, even if it is 5am and the sun hasn’t even come up yet.

Although I missed the “bring a model” memo, I have to say that my dress and myself got some good exposure, enough so , that the night of the show, a woman approached me and let me know she saw my design on television, and was so excited to be able to view the full collection in person.

CBS News Anchor Ron Matz

sun finally coming up

my interview segment

The second reason the show was a great experience was the networking. I met some amazing models, whom I’m still in contact with and plan on working with in the future.

backstage sneak peek

as well as industry professionals,like, fashion editor, John John Williams IV, who has a great personality and is just the right person for an after show critique, hairstylist, Donna Buck, who not only made my model look great at the photo shoot, but made all the models look fabulous each night of the shows,and she still made time to do my hair too! I enjoyed seeing the range in fashions in which the designers this year showcased, there was definitely something for everyone no mater how classic or outrageous your style may be. So congratulations to all the designers besides myself who showcased last week.

The last reason Baltimore Fashion Week was such a great experience, is because it allowed me to learn to roll with the punches, unexpected things will occur frequently in this industry (for BFW, their unexpected event(s) was canceling the tent a week before the show, as well as relocating the press release party, and finding a new host due to unfulfilled contracts) and through it all as a designer, it’s important to stay professional, and to make the most of what’s put before us. So in the end, through all of the change of venues and last-minute switches, I can still say that the pros outweighed the cons, and I received some great lessons and contacts from this event.


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