Boston Fashion Week- the preparation

So, what would seem like an eternity ago, I was a part of the Alpha Epsilon Phi Spring Fashion show called Ribbons on the Runway. The sisters had asked members of the Rising Design Collaborative, which I’m a founding and former member of, to display designs on the runway for a great cause, to help women with breast cancer. The event would be a silent auction/fashion show. I was eager to be a part of an event that would be helping others, so I submitted designs to the show.

When I arrived at the Bill Bordy Theater, I loved the space. It was intimate, but not crammed. The Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters hosted such a wonderful event it left a lasting impression on me.

A few weeks later Rising Design had decided that last year’s BFW preview show proved a  success and all members agreed that we needed to work on the image of RD and make it last. We had countless meetings and couldn’t come to an agreement on the proper way to move forward. Many of  the founding members had moved into different fields of interest besides just design, and some had even moved out of the country ( miss you Marlon!).  The month of May was approaching  along with the deadline to book a venue, and still the group was undecided, there wasn’t enough designers to create a show and many members had difference of opinions on how to recruit new designers. Overall, everything was at a standstill. During this time I had been close to finishing the Monarch Collection for Baltimore Fashion Week and was also sketching designs for a series I was having fun with based on the fashion icon Isabella Blow.

In May,Cruz looked at me and said, “Why don’t you just have a show?”  The idea at first seemed overwhelming and not possible. I was living in the D.C. area, and had no idea how I was going to make it all come together in Boston, so I didn’t answer him at first. Instead I scouted locations and made some calls. I reached out to Jordan Moncada, one of the Alpha Epsilon Phi sisters and told her my idea, she was on board, and said once she spoke with the organization they would be happy to sponsor my event…shock set in for a few days as I realized one of the hardest parts was done. I had secured a location. ENAMOUR’s first fashion show would happen at the Bill Bordy Theater.

In the middle of the  month of June, I told Cruz, ” I think its possible…I’m having a show!”

My next steps were to secure hair and make-up as well as a Dj and models. Luckily Jordan, who was my eyes and ears in Boston, had the wonderful recommendation of Roffi Hair Salon. I contacted lead stylist J, and Mr. Roffi himself, they were excited to be a part of the event and reading up on their eco-friendly atmosphere and reputation made me more than happy that they had agreed to create the look for my show.

I wish I could say that I struggled to find a make-up provider and a DJ, but I truly believe when something is supposed to occur, things fall into place, and that’s just what happened. I was blessed to know a childhood friend, Angelique Wigfall, who has her own make-up line ABW Couture, and she was ready to collaborate on a great show, providing the models with a glamorous runway look. The music would be provided by my cousin and music producer, Thomas Badger (aka-Hi Yella) and then that left me to find models.

Scouring Model Mayhem for three hours, looking over endless photos, stats and experience isn’t for everyone, but I knew it was something I had to do. I was searching for a certain amount of experience and that couldn’t be compromised, especially in an industry where first impressions are important.  I eventually found five models, I contacted them and asked them to network amongst friends to see if I could get a total of 15 girls for the September show. Well, was I surprised when I surpassed my goal and got 19 models secured for the event!

The hard parts were behind me, so I thought…

As July set in,I knew the focus would have to be producing the Isabella Blow series as well as  the graphics for Cruz’s Shock Therapy kids line and ENAMOUR Sport. This meant my July and August would be completely filled with sewing, fabric and Photoshop, with my downtime consisting of making the show program, getting the guest list together, creating an event page, advertising daily on all social networks, sending out invites,checking in with the emcee and making the first and second drafts of the script for the night, creating a slide show to be projected during the show, handpicking music, getting food selected,and staying in touch with Jordan daily who had to relay all of this information to the property manager. WHEW!!!! I had no idea the time and energy that would go into producing a  show.

Time was ticking and September was getting closer. Luckily, my friend, and former RD project manager, Kate Tirone gave me a loose timeline, along with Cruz giving me a work schedule to help manage my time better as the deadline of September crept closer. With their help, I was able to average 5-6 hours of sleep and 10-12 hours of sewing along with 2-3 hours of fashion show business daily. I’m so blessed to know both of them, they truly helped manage me through a crazy summer!

Kate sent me an awesome quote and I kept it and looked at it on days where I was tired and feeling overwhelmed:

“Its impossible,” said pride.
“Its risky,” said experience.
“Its pointless,” said reason.
“Give it a try,” whispered the heart.

And give it a try I did=) 


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