Boston Fashion Week-the show

As September neared I knew the biggest task to tackle first was fitting my models. The show would be the 24th, which gave me two weeks to make any adjustments to the pieces and travel back to MA.
I scheduled two fitting dates and was excited to meet all the girls. The two days went great. Each model had their own look which lent itself to my designs, and I couldn’t wait to see them on the runway. Of the nineteen scheduled sixteen girls would be walking for me on Saturday.
I returned back to MD the second week in September and focused most of my energy on completing all fixes and last-minute touches to both the Monarch and Isabella Blow collections. The other portion of my energy had to go into the final details of the show.

Before returning to MD I asked Felicia Verry-Mota of Spanish Fly Apparel to help style my show. With finishing the program, slide show, collections, food details, and run of show I needed someone with an outside perspective to style the looks.

Felicia was amazing! In two weeks she managed to get all shoes and accessories established for each look, and got the beautiful jewelry of Karenna Maraj to adorn my looks for the show. I was so grateful to have Felicia running the styling scene because it gave me a little more time in the studio.

That extra time was so essential because when I came back to MA it was non-stop! I had to meet with the property manager and set up the venue, finalize guest lists and ticket sales, advertise the show, meet with the Dj and give him the music, conference call with hair and make-up for final looks and arrival times, and finally purchase all the food and paper goods for both the models (so thankful to Subway of Roxbury for donating three platters for all the models and even more grateful to Abby Peel for taking the cab ride to pick up the order) and attendees.

Two days before the show our t-shirt printer emailed me to let me know her machine had went down, and we would have to pick up the shirts the day of the show, this left for no pre-show fittings or fixes to print mistakes before the show. But what could we ( Cruz and I) do? We had to wait it out and hope for the best.

Once everything above was taken care of it was Sept.23rd.I couldn’t believe it was almost time! I still had one outfit to finish so it was going to be a late night.
My family was great, they all stood up helping in some way or another, and at 5 a.m. we all called it a “night” since the 7 a.m. planned wake up was right around the corner.

The day of the show Cruz and I were out of the house by 9 a.m. headed to Boston. We needed to meet Jordan and the models at the venue to do a timed dress rehearsal before hair, make-up and the emcee arrived. Felicia (with the gorgeous baby Vera and awesome hubby Antonio) was there to help with the critique and styling of the models during the run through.

After the dress rehearsal was complete models proceeded to hair and make-up while Cruz and I started to get things organized. He headed to Kinkos to print programs, while I hung the event banner and began sound check and show timing with Dj Hi-Yella and Kathleen McDermott, the events guest emcee. I was so grateful and honored to have Kathleen, an author, fashion historian and hat artist as the emcee of my show. She is absolutely amazing, a woman to admire.

Okay..I got a little side tracked. So as the 5pm hour arrived I did the last-minute scramble to get models dressed, dressers ready, and everyone on the same page to start the show…

And then I just had to wait to hear how it went.

As the designer, my whole time is spent backstage, except for the model flood at the end, and even then I hate the dreaded walk down the runway. I’ve still yet to make it past the first portion of it before I’m headed backstage again.

Here are some pics of the show if you missed it:

The Look- provided by ABW Couture

The Press

Goodies in the gift bag provided by-Roffi Salon, ABW Couture, Karenna Maraj and myself

The lovely ladies of Alpha Epsilon Phi and myself

Talking with the models

The set up

After the show



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