seArts “Wearable Art Celebration” Brunch

With all the planning and commotion of my first ENAMOUR show, the fact that Sunday September 25th I was also booked for a group show entitled “Wearable Arts Celebration” held by the seArts Gloucester MA, was slightly overshadowed. A few months before when asked to do the show, in my mind it was conveniently scheduled and would be “easy” to be a part of.
This year, with sewing, organizing and travel the one lesson I’ve learned is nothing is “easy”. There are things that are less time-consuming, but anything you take pride in, or care about takes focus, time and dedication, that pertains to the smallest thing, like a seam, to major things like shows and event commitments.
With that said,during my model fittings I had five lovely models, Joanna Norko, Joanna Castano, Leandra Rivera, Jenny Creesy, and Emily Caron agree to do double duty that weekend and walk for me in both Saturday and Sunday’s shows. I’m so thankful to each of these ladies for dedicating their talent and time to me for a full weekend. Meaning after leaving my Saturday show, all the models were up and ready by 9:00am for an hour or more commute to Sunday’s show.Each girl did a phenomenal job both days!

The seArt show was a combination of fashion and wearable arts. Artists and designers came from all over to display their creations to a room of “brunching” attendees. It was a great show and one I was happy to have been a part of.

I showcased my Smartie Dress worn by model Alexandria.

As well as the Isabella Blow Series.

model Renee Ricciardi

model Joanna Castano


model Emily Caron

model Jenny Creesy

model Leandra Rivera

Me and all the Girls

Most of the participating designers and artists

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