Reflection and a Winter Collection

After everything is said and done, and the shows die down, there is still the anticipation of the reviews and press. I have to say I was very happy with the reviews and press my first ENAMOUR show received (most can be viewed in the Press bar of this blog). But as with anything there will be those who weren’t as fond of the show as others. So like I told one of the reporters who wasn’t too fond of my ENAMOUR Sport line, I’m never upset with “bad” press, I think with all critiques whether good or bad, comes the ability to grow as an artist and designer.

After reading the two “bad” reviews, I realized that the first review which called my clothing “slutty Queen Victoria” was drawing too closely on Queen Victoria herself, and not the meaning of the mourning clothing, which was my inspiration. What I drew from this review was when talking in general about my inspiration, to stay broad and allow my audience to know that I loosely base my clothing on my inspiration, but never follow it to a tee. Many in fashion know this, but to those who may attend shows on occasion or are assigned to a show and not an enthusiast it can seem literal. The second review wasn’t that bad either. The reporter didn’t like my ENAMOUR Sport t-shirts, he felt they weren’t true to description, which I can’t argue with. When faced with changes to printers (so the graphics weren’t as large),models(some of the tees fit too loosely) and  t-shirts to be supplied (changed the fitted look I was going for originally) the week of the show, I must say, it changed the original intent on the runway, but the saying is ” the show must go on”. I think the moms, models and kids did a great job! And overall I’m happy with the press I received, and lessons learned 1. Be broad with inspiration and 2. what comes down the runway must match the program.

So with all of that said, I spoke with my agent  just three days after the show, and she let me know that Fall/Winter collection are due soon! So once I returned back to Maryland, I began my sketching. When I was working on the Isabella Blow collection I loved the stark contrast of the black and white pieces, but I didn’t want to stay within that theme, because I wanted to create a series of dresses for this collection. I didn’t want the dresses to have a masculine undertone like the Blow dresses, so I decided that I wanted to base the  color theme of this collection on Cruella DeVille.What better character displays the black/white duality?  It also gives a hint of red to add to the ups and downs of who she is. Although I will be drawing from that duality,I will not be using any fur, or polka dots which I know are associated with her, it will only be the black/white/red color scheme. It’s still early in my pattern drafting phase, so it will still be awhile before I know for sure what where the designs will take me. This will be my first Fall/Winter collection, so the fabrics and silhouettes will be new to me. Its going to be an adventure!

art by April Connors


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