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So these past two weeks have been once again ones of transition. I truly believe that being open to change, and understanding that progress is obtained through transition has made all the ups and downs of not only this industry but, this year, easier to manage. Since pattern drafting had been put on hold due to constant movement, I decided to turn to the computer and put on my graphic design hat to create the company website, as well as upload images to two site that are featuring ENAMOUR (more on them soon).

The website is a humble beginning, but one I’m truly proud of. Creating this site allowed me to know that my passion to see my company grow goes beyond just my studio hours and collections. Undertaking an endeavor where I don’t know a lot and have to learn as I go, as well as be willing to pour in hours at a time, without knowing how far it will take me, takes commitment to the final product. And the final product for me isn’t too shabby. Take a look if you haven’t already.

Besides the website I also got some great opportunities in the online shopping markets! The first site that asked to carry my line was one I had heard about a few years ago, and I was excited to be given the opportunity to sell with them. The site is called They’re an online selling market for independent designers. I like the UsTrendy site because they feature their sellers with articles and highlighted items on their homepage as well as  advertisements about the designers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They offer their top sellers the opportunity to compete for a chance to show at London Fashion Week as well as constant designer contests to help brands grow.  I was excited to receive an email from one of their associates asking to carry my line! So in between setting up the website, I began creating my UsTrendy site.  I’m excited to grow with this site:

The next site that asked to carry my line is called The site is truly unique and one that once up and running, I hope a lot of people check out. They are also a site that feature smaller up and coming designers with a great twist! All the designs featured on the site can be customized to order. So if you like a dress but would like it longer, or shorter, or made to order for your measurements, it’s all possible! I thought this was an excellent concept, and I’m looking forward to being a featured designer on their site. The Zoo-ra site will debut in December.

In this two-week span of movement, I have  also taken the time to revamp company goals, because I know it’s hard to believe but October marked one year that ENAMOUR came to be! I still can’t believe it. It went by so fast, but the progress I’ve made is one I’m extremely happy with, and I’m grateful to everyone who has  supported  my dream and journey thus far. I’m continually learning, and improving each day with the goal of constant growth, so know there will be more to come!

In building my company and brand I’ve been reading some great books on how to incorporate my brand into all aspects of my life, and truly creating a lifestyle. I never knew so much thought and precision had to go into building an image. The idea of creating your brand has to come down to not only your look and behavior, but what brands you buy into, what activities you do, how you vacation, what purchases big or small you make and so much more. Obviously some of these things happen naturally, but in the overall plan of marketing and creating a successful brand, it can’t hurt to read up on the subject.

Two books I would recommend to anyone who wants a simple read, but wants to get a lot of knowledge to apply immediately are:

The Brand Within



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