A Fashionable November

This November turned out to be a busy one in Fashion, and not necessarily for me as a participant, but as a supporter and attendee of some great events.

The first event I attended was unique, at least to the Boston area, so I was excited to attend. My friend and blogger, Cindy Wong, invited me and Cruz to attend the VienneMilano hosiery fashion event. VienneMilano is a line of Italian made luxury hosiery, and I was pretty intrigued to know how Vienne Cheung, designer of the hosiery line was going to present her work on the runway, so of course I was in, as was Cruz, although I think he wanted to see if there were going to be any scantily clad females on the runway=)

The event took place at the Boston Intercontinental Hotel, on a Friday night. Vienne did a beautiful job with the runway presentation, as well as with the VIP room setup.

Photo courtesy of VienneMilano

When the show began she presented the models in shifts, camisoles, and corsets with the emphasis on the hosiery the models were wearing. The finale of the show left the men in the audience snapping pics on their cellphones and clinking drinks “cheers”ing to a flasher-esque reveal of the models in lingerie.

Photo courtesy of VienneMilano

Not only was the hosiery quality, well-made and fun, but  Vienne’s after party was a great time too! Cruz and I tried our first cappuccino and followed it with champagne, laughs and good music with Cindy and her friends.

Cruz, Cindy and Myself

Cappuccino and Champagne a.k.a Dynamic Duo

The next day, although the night ended late, we had an early morning, because I had a show at Bentley University. A portion of the Monarch collection was going to grace the runway of the 5th Annual Bentley Fashion Consultants  Charity Fashion Show. The show would feature students from Bentley, and I was a little nervous because I hadn’t seen my models in person or fit any of them for the show.

Cruz and I arrived at the venue around 2:30pm and had each model walk for us. I picked the models I felt had the strongest walks, but also fit the identity of my brand. After the initial fitting, we waited…and waited…and waited…

The organizers didn’t seem the least bit worried that at 5:00 (doors open at 6:30) there were still designers missing and we had done no rehearsal. In the midst of my panic, I had to remember what I was like in college, my need for punctuality, rehearsals, and lists was non-existent. So I tried to take a deep breath and… wait…

By 6:15pm we were set to do a run through of the show, but due to the length of the show and time for rehearsal, only a few designers were able to time their segment (luckily I was one of them) and then we were told doors were going to open. Backstage was hectic, the dressers, designers, and models realized there wasn’t enough time in between segments to change the girls and still have them do the flood for each designer. D-I-L-E-M-M-A. Even though a few dressers and I had suggested pulling girls from floods that had the tightest changes, some designers were stead-fast on keeping their models and wouldn’t compromise. Welcome to the world of fashion shows. =)

When it was my time up, I must say everything went smooth, and my models looked fabulous! They did such a great job!

I was really happy with the Bentley show overall, I think although the day of the event was a bit disorganized, these girls really pulled it together. Through it all, I was glad to be a part of their show.

Later that week I had the pleasure of attending Fashion Group International’s 75th Anniversary Celebration at  The Copley Place in Boston. The guest speaker was Greg  Selkoe, founder and CEO of Karmaloop.com. His talk was great, he was honest and real, not only about  the industry, but Boston as a place for emerging designers. My favorite part of his talk was when he described what it takes to truly be an entrepreneur. He said it’s the drive and belief in yourself when literally no one else believes in what you are doing. The successful people will work through that hard time and make it. The person who just has a good idea, but not the passion for it, will give up and do what is “easy”. I felt that as someone moving forward in this industry where the ups are major, but not without the hard work and struggle in between, it resonated with me strongly. Hats off to FGI President Jayne Avery for an excellent event!

Karmaloop’s Greg Selkoe & FGI President Jayne Avery (Photo courtesy of Jay Calderin)                      

Photo courtesy of Jay Calderin


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