After a focus on fashion for most of the month, there’s nothing like redirecting time and focusing on family. This year we spent Thanksgiving with my parents. It was a great holiday weekend, and Cruz and I had the fun of frying our first turkey!

The night before Thanksgiving, Cruz and I accompanied my parents to a Toys for Tots charity event and silent auction. Although the crowd wasn’t much for dancing, we did have a nice time and enjoyed the music by DJ Hi-Yella.

My Parents                                    

Cruz and Me

The next day we prepared to fry our first turkey!

Bundled..because it’s definitely not Maryland weather

The Fryer

Drying the turkey off…we watched the warning videos on youtube

Setting the thermometer for the oil

Oil finally heated.Time to put the turkey in.Can’t lie,it took a long time. I went inside & made a cocktail

Successfully in and cooking! Now we drink and wait…

60 minutes later…fried turkey!

I must say, if you haven’t tried it,  it is really tasty! It was a nice experience, (one I’m sure we will be trying again) and really not as scary or hazardous as they make it sound in the videos and on the news reports. Just be logical and safe at all times.

Hope your Thanksgivings were filled with good food, wonderful family and memories to last a lifetime. Beyond the food and Black Friday sales hype, it’s truly a holiday to be grateful for the ones you have in your life and the ones who you were blessed enough to know at some point.


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