The Talenthouse/Leona Lewis Dress Contest

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook or have “like”d our company Facebook page, or follow me on twitter, then you are aware of the contest I had entered last week. If you haven’t done any of the above, I will give you a brief overview.

The Challenge: This cool website called runs contests on a weekly basis for artists in various fields including fashion design. The contest I decided to enter was the Leona Lewis Design Contest. Singer Leona Lewis was looking for a dress to be worn during one of her european tour dates. She is a vegan, so it was important to her to wear something that contained no leather or fur.

The Inspiration: Although most went with the theme of nature and Leona Lewis being vegan, I used her style and music as my inspiration, and entitled the design “Spirited”

The definition being: bold; having heart, vitality, force and attitude, all of which is exuded by Leona Lewis. The design features a detachable flowing, feminine skirt, which highlights the versatility of Leona Lewis as an artist,creating strong yet feminine ballads.

my design

After posting my design, all entries as well as myself, had to promote our design to get votes. Although Leona would have the final say in what design she felt was the winner, it was important to stay in the top voted. So began the Facebook, Twitter  and email campaign. It was more time-consuming than you can imagine, but it was also so wonderful to see others supporting my design, by forwarding the emails, telling their friends, sharing on Facebook, and retweeting on twitter. My agent, Christina Pierce, even made a Facebook event to promote through her network.

After the five days of voting were complete, I was so grateful to see my design had 3,316 views, 381 people who shared the link, and 322 votes! I was happy with my design, the campaign for votes and all the support from everyone who voted and shared my work.

The Results: Thursday, December 1st the results of the winner were finally in…and….I didn’t win.

Here is a photo of the design that Leona Lewis chose:

design by Lilyana Maslenishka

I have to say, although I didn’t win, it was a fun contest to be a part of, and it was great to have so many people view one of my designs . More importantly, for everyone who voted and shared the links on Facebook and Twitter, you became a small part of what is a constant movement. I ask that you continually show support for not only me, in my fashion journey, but any small business or entrepreneur making their way in a field they love. So again, thank you to each person who promoted my design throughout the five-day voting. I tried to individually thank each person, so please forgive me if I missed you, but know that each vote, view and all the support did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.=)


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