My blog had a bit of a lull during December, with the holidays and our move to MA, it seemed I was lucky if I got any emails sent. So today I decided to do a bit of an update about December, and whats shaping up in January.

December proved to be a month of planning. As any emerging designer with no investors knows, capital is a constant issue, and happened to be mine in December. With all my patterns and muslins drafted and fit, I had to put production on hold. I know when most people hear that, they automatically panic and begin to feel defeated, but with the major strides I have taken with ENAMOUR this year, I refused to believe that this set back was defeat or failure. Instead it was a moment to plan and reflect not only on my next steps with production, but my plan for 2012.

Beside planning and scheduling meetings for January, I got to spend some great moments with my family and closest friends in December. I was grateful for these moments, because when life gets hard, it’s not your work that brings the most comfort and joy but loved ones.

As the New Year approached, the group I was with ended 2011 by sharing three great happenings from 2011 and a toast to all things good to ring in 2012.

Little did I know that the positive energy of New Year would transfer so well into 2012! During December I met with four seamstresses to inquire about help with production of my winter collection. With my deadline still very real and approaching, but my time being less, I knew having extra hands to help was crucial. All of the women I met were inspiring in their own way, and had some wonderful stories about their sewing careers. The last seamstress I met told me a story of  how she restored many hollywood costumes that belonged to costume collector John Lebold . I was so intrigued with her story and the idea of such a historic collection that I told her about a collection I was sketches for the Gen Art Crest 3D White Little White Wardrobe competition for January.She was amazed with the fact that my collection was inspired by the screen sirens of film, and so closely linked to her work with John. She told me I had to see John’s collection.

She had me phone him and explain all the details of who I was and what I was doing, and he was thrilled to have me come over to his house for a private viewing, the next week. In all my thoughts of how the meeting would go, and what I would see, I never imagined it to be so inspiring and once in a lifetime.

Here are some of the pieces I saw in person, and others on display in New York!

Marlene Dietrich’s black dress and many notes and signed images of her to John

Some of Rita Hayworth’s dresses and her full career of headshots

On display in New York

Carmen Miranda’s wardrobe – more than 1 outfit                             

Judy Garland’s dress on display in New York      (one of six that were made for production!)

Charlie Chaplin’s cane and the cool story about how he acquired it

Mr. Lebold and a photo of one of his collectors items: Liz Taylor’s popular dress that caused a surge in McCall’s Patterns when they replicated the silhouette

Here’s another article about Mr. Lebold’s collection in New York, I saw so  many more things, like costume jewelry given to him as gifts, and movie props, like the plates and cups from the set of titanic, and amazing photos of his life in the film industry.


After viewing the collection I was even further inspired, and went home to make changes to my original sketches for the design competition. Hearing Mr. LeBold’s stories and actually seeing and feeling the clothing some of my muses for the collections wore, I knew there were changes to be made.

Here is the final collection I submitted on Jan. 5th entitled “Sirens” :

Although I didn’t get the “finalist” email…I’m too enamoured with these pieces to just forget them, so these nine dresses will be my homage collection for 2012. I’m so excited to create them! Stay tuned for more about them this year.


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