The 3 week 15 dress challenge

While browsing the internet and clicking link after link on articles and blogs that interest me, I tend to find so many great concepts and images in a day, week, month, but the concepts that always peak my interest the most, are the challenges. I love seeing bloggers, designers, weight loss enthusiasts challenging themselves and documenting it. It is one of the most motivational (and addicting) things to witness.

One particular blog that I can’t get enough of  is New Dress A Day . My friend – and amazing finder of all things fashion – Kate emailed me a link in August 2010 of a website where a woman, named Marisa , challenged herself to go to a thrift store, or Salvation Army daily and find a dress for $1.00, and refashion it into a look to add to her wardrobe, or to wear to the daily events she attended, whether it be a cookout, or a night out. It was so great to see someone challenging themselves and creating daily. At the time Kate sent me the link, I was in the middle of making my first preview collection for ENAMOUR to be seen during the fast approaching Boston Fashion Week so, although I was loving the concept, I had no time to follow the progress Marissa was making.

This December, with a lull in my sewing, like I had mentioned in my previous post, I decided to check back in, and I was amazed!! Marisa has created a lifestyle out of her challenge. She has extended her challenge to encompass 365 days, she has tutorials, giveaways (which I must say on occasion I do try to win), before and after photos, and the best part of it all, followers who donate their old clothing to be refashioned and appear on the blog! It’s such a great blog, and her purpose to begin the blog was wonderful as well. In a time of recession, many people become so bogged down with the portions of their lives that are overwhelming, that they miss the small joys that could truly turn things around. I feel like through focusing on the things she loves to do, she turned what some would have thought a hard situation into an inspirational, fun and motivating experience!

So, feeling truly inspired by Marisa, and her blog and with the current state of where my collection deadline and production stands (creeping closer at a fast pace), I decided that I would challenge myself . I will create 15 dresses  in 3 weeks!  How? you ask… with blind faith and a focused work ethic. That’s all I’ve got, well that and my sewing machine=)

The mission: all but one of the dresses (and 2 coats) sketched and ready to be created

I will begin today, and post my week’s progress every Thursday, for the next 3 weeks.

For this week: six of the fifteen dress.


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