Zoo-ra Launch Party

Toward the end of last year (so crazy to say that) I received an email about being a featured designer on a new website with a great concept. The website, called Zoo-ra, gives the customer the opportunity to customize the clothing they buy. It goes beyond just entering your measurements for better fit. The site allows you to lengthen or shorten a dress hemline, possibly add sleeves, or change a feature of the garment beyond just color. I thought the idea was a great one, and I jumped on board to have ENAMOUR  be a part of such a great concept.

For the next few months myself, as well as other designers uploaded their clothing line details and garment images as well as the customizations available for each piece. Founder and CEO, Aubrie, and buyer, Alana, were awesome through the whole process.

Last night was the Zoo-ra Launch Party at the Apple Store in Boston. I was excited for the Zoo-ra team, and to see ENAMOUR’s online “shop” for the first time live!

Aubrie telling the story of how Zoo-ra began

3rd floor party site and guestsENAMOUR Ruffle Dress featured in the first model Installation

Zoo-ra founder Aubrie and Me

ENAMOUR samples on display

ENAMOUR One Shoulder Tube Dress on display in the 2nd Installation

Guests browsing ENAMOUR samples

Final model photo opt of the night

If you’re a woman who says they have a problem area, or see an outfit and think it would look better on you with a slight difference, or if you’re just curious as to what the site has to offer, I would definitely sign up and start clicking around.


The Zoo-ra team will be traveling the U.S. showing off the site and samples of designs offered on the site in the next few weeks. Here is a schedule  of dates (Chicago and California to be added soon) – ENAMOUR is traveling nationwide!



Washington D.C.

New York City


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