The Challenge: Week 1

So I’m a few days late with my post, but when making the “rules” of the challenge, I forgot that Thursday would technically still be a work day, so I should have factored in the time it would take to write a post as well as life tasks in general. From this week on, posts will be up on the blog on Fridays or Saturdays. But official work for the week will only be counted until Thursdays.

This week went well. I cut my fabrics and serge them all within the first day. After that I pinned each dress together, and grouped them based on color for piecing them and first fittings. I was excited that each dress, besides the last two, looked just like the muslin. The last two dresses differed in the fashion fabric, so they required a lot of alterations to the pattern and fabric on the form. I took photos along the way, so you could see the processes I went through this week.

bodice of the vested cocktail dress

first fitting of the vested cocktail dress…stay tuned for the final piece in our look book…Coming Soon!

first fitting of our red & white A – line party dress… final look book photos to come!

cutting fabrics for the striped mid panel dress

my sewing “kit” everything I carry to finish blind hems and hand stitches

first fitting of the kimono sleeved chevron…can’t wait to see this one in the look book!

piecing together the belted dress

button detail on the belted dress

Overall I completed five of the six dresses that I was aiming for. The lining I was looking for to complete the 6th look was unavailable, so I will add the sixth dress to this week’s challenge.

This week the challenge is: three dresses


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One thought on “The Challenge: Week 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the sketches I am seeing. Classic looks that appear becoming to the figure!
    Keep up the blog… AND your designing!!

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