In all my recent photo endeavors, I’ve been so grateful for the friendship and expertise of stylist Felicia Verry-Mota. I met Felicia in 2008 while we were both attending MassArt in Boston. Her style, even then, was very evident and most of all effortless. For those of you who know me personally, and even those who have happened to meet me in passing, I do not pride myself on having a style or certain way of dressing. I totally admire people who exude style, but with no hint of effort. To me Felicia is the epitome of this definition.

Once we graduated from MassArt, Felicia and I along with eight fellow graduates formed, “Rising Design”, a network of designers helping one another navigate our first years as designers/ fashion professionals. In the year that followed we all experienced such wonderful successes, like our 2010 Boston Fashion Week show, and we also came to decisions as to what fields we wanted to explore. Myself and three or four others decided to try our hand in fashion design, and Felicia took her interest into the two-fold profession of designing and styling.

Felicia and I backstage at the Rising Design Fashion Show, Boston Fashion Week 2010

Felicia creates one of a kind designs inspired by the textiles they are created from.

Felicia styling a look from her most recent collection

After admiring her personal style for so long, I was so pleased when she agreed to style my Boston Fashion Week 2011 show, and just recently the look book for my most recent collection, Life of the Party.  To truly understand her inspirations and way of styling, I decided to interview her:

Tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Felicia Verry -Mota of Spanish Fly Apparel. I am based out of South Boston, MA. I have been designing for over 10 years and styling for about 4 years.

When did you first become interested in Fashion?
 I did not know it at the time but probably since high school. I had always tried to stay above the trends. That is when I started mixing and matching vintage with new, women and mens clothing. I knew that the perfect outfit could make or break a day.
Did you always have a feel for styling? Or did other aspects of the industry attract you more?
 I started to design and create my own clothing about 10 years ago. Designing will always be my first love of the industry but I was lucky enough to work with a top stylist in Boston. I immediately was drawn to it,  I felt like I was  a natural at it and it was fun.
Name 5 adjectives that would describe your personal style?
 I would say my style is the juxtaposition of soft and hard. I think it’s ok to wear head to toe black if you have a bright yellow bag slung over your shoulder or an amazing pair of color block sandals. I would wear a leather dress with studs all over IF it was in the silhouette of a 1950’s swing dress. I think every outfit evening or daytime should have a pop of color, one thing unique and interesting.
What is your favorite accessory and why?
 Right now necklaces. The bigger and chunkier the better, and if one is not big enough throw on another one.
Who would be your dream client and why?
 Anyone who wears capris- just because they sell them does not mean you have to wear them! Fashion and style is not something to be afraid of- you can be comfortable and stylish.
What are some must haves this coming Spring and fall seasons?
 Big earrings- the bigger and more interesting the better, neon! and interesting cut hemlines for skirts.
Who or what are your biggest inspirations? and why?
 There is so much that inspires me, like little moments. Old movies, a textile, my peers.
What makes Boston inspirational?
 Boston has always had a cool fashion thing going on you just have to know where to look. I think we inspire each other, like I saw this cool girl today she had this awesome thing on, I have things in my closet that could go with that… There is a lot of room here and I think more and more of us are expressing ourselves through wardrobe.
Name one trend you think should have never been a trend and why?(It can be outrageous or just ugly etc)
 I do think any trend if styled correctly can work but things that could go away- the Maxie dress, Uggs, and the strapless wedding dress.
What’s next for you?
 I have a small line in the works designed and created by Spanish Fly Apparel, my company, completely right down to the textiles. Look for past collections at Tell me a little about yourself? Your name, company, and where you are based.
After our interview I really wanted readers to see Felicia’s versatility as a stylist, so I gave her the challenge of  styling a few of my Spring 2012 looks for different style types. Here’s what she came up with:
The first looks she styled used my LBD:
"Date night" LBD
                                                                                                                                       “What are you looking at” LBD
"What are you looking at" LBD
                                                                                                                                                                 “In the city” LBD
"In the city" LBD
In this set I must say, I’m torn between the “What are you looking at” and “In the City” variations. Both have the pop color I love, the purse and rings and the red flats are great in each. Next she styled my Ballerina pouf dress:
"Date night" Ballerina
"What are you looking at" Ballerina
I love each of the looks created for the ballerina dress, it’s so wonderful to see that with the right accessories any dress can be styled for any occasion. I’m always in such awe of Felicia’s talent and creativity. To check out more of her styling visit:
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