For those of you who read the blog and know me personally, then you would know that before embarking on this wonderful, and hectic fashion journey, I was an 8th grade Art Teacher in a small town in Cape Cod for five years. While teaching, I met some wonderful people within the staff of the middle school, and some great students. So when one of the staff members and a good friend of mine, Janice Nimtz, emailed me and asked if I would like to showcase some of my designs on student models for their talent show/fashion show fundraiser, I of course said “yes”.

The event took place Friday, March 2nd. The previous day, I fit some of the girls for the event. They were a great group of young ladies, when fitting them, there was one dress, which I had to cut from the line-up due to the fact that it wasn’t flattering to their young figures. In replace of that dress, and in addition to the show, I added in the hooded pouf dress from the Monarch Collection and three looks from the Isabella Blow Homage series, one of which was not seen on the runway, but a custom-made top for myself.

The night of the show, all the girls were excited, one of the girls in particular, Ruth Fuller, who I know will one day make a big splash in fashion, was a huge help. She provided a lot of the jewelry and styling tips for each of the looks on the girls. It was so fun for me, because I style all of my designs for adult looks, to see how this group of pre-teen girls styled the dresses to suit them, and made them relevant to how they see fashion. It was a learning experience for me, and I was so happy with the final outcome.

Some of the girls before the show

When the event started it was an eclectic mix of talent and skits. The staff did an awesome job with musical performances as well as one of my favorites, Jeff Tribou, the history teacher doing the “Evolution of Dance” including everything from the twist and the running man to the soldier boy and LMFAO’s signature “Party Rock Anthem” dance with a hilarious rendition of Beyonce’s “Put a Ring on it”. The students were phenomenal with their talents, piano, dance, a violinist who played the violin through her legs, and a young lady whose solo performance of  Christina Aguilera’s song Hurt  gave me chills it was so powerful and emotional. It’s a wonderful thing to know that art and music are prevalent in the student’s lives, especially when it’s slowly being eliminated in school systems across the country.

When the ENAMOUR fashion segment was up the girls did excellent! I on the other hand had a few blunders in my announcing , but the atmosphere was so welcoming and relaxed no one seemed to mind.


Overall it was a fun and good spirited night for a great cause. I’m grateful to have been a part of such a well-organized and supported event, and to have seen some former colleagues and friends too.


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