Catwalk for BMC Cancer Care-The Show

This past Thursday I was a part of  an amazing fundraising fashion show entitled “Catwalk for BMC Cancer Care”. The show featured six designers outfitting survivors and models in color themed collections.

View from the State Room

The runway before the show

backstage accessories and dressing

My color, as mentioned in my previous post, was purple. My models and survivors, more importantly were Yulia, a Russian student whose mother was a super model in Russia. Yulia has decided to pursue other career paths and model for fun in her free time, her mother’s talent is evidently within Yulia because she is a natural.

Yulia in a linen and cotton romper

Jacki is an amazing survivor and current cancer fighter. Years earlier she battled breast cancer, and has been in remission for the past 14 years. Just recently she was diagnosed with bone cancer, Jacki’s strength and happiness is so inspiring. Meeting her you would never know she was in the midst of her treatments, instead I  immediately admired her easygoing nature and great new hair color

Jacki in a linen and cotton top with wide leg linen pants

Patti is not only a breast cancer survivor, but she is also medical staff of BMC. Patti is an awesome woman, with a happy attitude and the strength to help others at a time when she might have needed some help herself. Patti told me helping others and working throughout her treatment kept her healthy and I truly believe her big heart and love for life saved her own.

Patti in a linen dress with cotton details

Abigael is an aspiring model from my hometown on Cape Cod. When we met we agreed on what a small world it is, and shared stories of the place that is so familiar to us both. Abigael has the creativity and the unique quality that every model strives for,  I wish her all the luck and success in her modeling career,

Abigael in a cotton peplum dress

Grace is a breast cancer survivor, who because of her advocacy for herself when talking with the doctors about a lump she found, saved her own life. The doctors told her it was probably nothing and wanted to schedule her for an appointment weeks later. Grace said “no way” and headed to the hospital immediately, only to find out she needed emergency surgery and that she would have passed away in a week, had they not operated. Grace lives her life with such positivity and fun it’s contagious!

Grace in a cotton ruffled dress

Overall, this was one of the best shows I’ve been a part of,  OpenHearts Inc did a phenomenal job both backstage and during the show. I hope to be a part of their future shows.

Jackie and Yulia ready to walk the runway

Grace and Patti in the model line up

great shot of Abigael, Grace and Patti backstage

me and the ladies after the show


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4 thoughts on “Catwalk for BMC Cancer Care-The Show

  1. Desirae Flohr says:

    Beautifully done!! What a talented designer 🙂 You continue to inspire me, Mama!! (Patti Berthiaume) Love you with all of my heart forever and ever ❤

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