Nana Boutique and ENAMOUR

Last month I saw an ad on All Things Fashion DC that Nana Boutique in D.C. was putting a call out for emerging designers. Although it was something I wanted to pursue earlier this year, I had not yet sent out my look book to boutiques. I decided that this opportunity was a perfect one to see if I could get my designs into my first boutique.  I sent my  Fall 2012 look book, with a bio and description of my collection, and then I waited….and waited….

Cover to my latest look book

the two weeks it took to hear back seemed like forever, but when I did hear back I was absolutely ecstatic! Jackie, Nana’s owner, and Daisy, the boutique manager, wanted to see my samples!

I was nervous the whole ride to the boutique telling Cruz every few minutes that I hope they liked my collection. When I got there, Jackie and Daisy were so great and laid back that almost all of my butterflies and nerves went away. I just talked with them and showed my designs. They liked five designs and agreed that five of each design should be present in the boutique.

The KLO and Dawn tops

The Julz and Blair day dresses

The Miss C dress

For the past month I’ve been sewing non-stop, and have delivered almost all 25 designs to Nana Boutique. I’m so excited and grateful for the opportunity to begin selling my line in a boutique. I look forward to showing more collections in Nana and building a great partnership for the future.

Nana store front

on the racks

the collection on display


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