A Mary Jane Dress

While still in MassArt and creating the Smartie Candy dress, I had also sketched a dress that I wanted to created out of Mary Jane candy wrappers. I’m excited to say that this October, the dress will no longer be a sketch! Or should I say the sketch will finally become a wearable art piece.

The ‘g’ Green Design Center in Mashpee, MA is celebrating their 5th anniversary, and have decided to mark the occassion with a recyclables show entitled REMADE. All artists featured in the exhibit will be showing work that has been recycled, reclaimed, or made from reused material. Since I had shown my Smartie candy dress at the design center at their very first exhibit, I thought this would be a great time to submit the Mary Jane dress. I submitted the sketch above along with samples of the manipulated Mary Jane wrappers, so the jury could visualize what the final piece would look like.

Once I recieved the confirmation email that I had been selected to be in the show on Friday October 12th, I knew I had a lot of work to do:

I ordered five 6.5 lb bags of Mary Janes. In total each bag had about 310 candies. With the help of some patient co-workers, we began the task of unwrapping all 1,550 candies.


Once I had all the candies unwrapped I started cutting, taping and manipulating the wrappers into the textiles needed to first create the bodice then the skirt of the piece.




It took about three days to create the textiles that would become the two portions of the dress, and two days to construct the wearable art piece.





If you are in the area, feel free to stop by the “g” Green Design Center in Mashpee, MA from October 12th – Novemeber 24th to see the dress on display.


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