Starting 2013 with a 2012 recap

In the midst of working and building a brand,there are times I think I’ve made no progress or not enough progress. So recapping and reflecting on 2012’s events really does allow me to see how much growth has occurred and also allows me to get in the mindset of creating bigger goals for 2013

I think the biggest accomplishment for ENAMOUR in 2012 was having the line carried in Nana Boutique in Washington DC.

Nana Boutique

Nana Boutique

For many this would be a stepping stone in exposure and sales, but for me I it was so much more. The exposure was wonderful and of course making sales was great too, but I also learned what items had more hanger appeal. I learned about sizing and which sizes were more popular. Most importantly I learned what color combinations, fabrics and styles were more customer friendly. All of these things helped me to streamline my upcoming Spring 2013 collection.

In 2012 I spent less time planning and participating in fashion shows and more time on the  production of my line. The first thing I did was team up with an amazing seamstress and even more inspirational mentor named Phylis. Working with Phylis helped me to understand how to increase my productivity and also how to fine tune my own knowledge of garment construction. I’m so grateful to have met her, and even more grateful to be working with her for my 2013 collection samples.

Spring 2013

Spring 2013

In working with Phylis, I was able to see the timing of sewing my own garments. We both agreed that with my online shop picking up and orders becoming more frequent along with fulfilling boutique orders, that looking into help with production for this upcoming 2013 collection was a logical next step. With the suggestion from Nana Boutique owner, Jackie Flanagan, I was introduced to Bits of Thread in Washington DC. Bits of Thread is an awesome sewing company specializing in sewing lessons as well as sewing small runs of garments. I met with them at the end of 2012 and am happy to say that I now have a mill to produce my future collections!

All of this production growth came with the fact that ENAMOUR is finally picking up with online sales at It’s an exciting feeling to say that in 2012   I’ve shipped orders to: New York, Connecticut, Idaho, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington DC, and just recently England!

packaged and ready to ship

packaged and ready to ship

Although the fashion shows in 2012 were very few, there was one really amazing show I participated in called Catwalk for BMC Cancer Care. It was such an amazing opportunity to create designs for cancer survivors and see them transform on the runway.

2012’s  progress and accomplishments have made me so grateful and excited for the things to come in 2013.

So far on the agenda for this year, I’ve been invited back to be a features designer for Catwalk for BMC Cancer Care, I’ve been asked to do a trunk show event in Maryland entitled Weekend Boutique, and I’m setting up for some great photo shoots of my 2013 Spring and Fall collections. So even though I’ve had this post to reflect on my progress, I know that fashion never sleeps, so it’s back to the studio to finish samples of what’s to come in 2013.

I hope you all are having a great beginning to what looks like a promising new year.


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