Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming…To-Do lists

At the end of last year, I started to get tension headaches. I wasn’t sure what was causing them, although I knew I was getting them often. One day while sewing with Phylis, my mentor, she said when she ran her company in New York she suffered from these same  headaches and eventually it caused a rupture in one of her eyes. I was shocked and a little scared at what had happened to her. She said rest and the alleviation of stress were the things that most easily stopped her headaches.

Taking her story to heart I spent most of November and December re-evaluating my work schedule, and figuring out how to make the things I wanted to accomplish possible while still getting enough rest. For some people putting themselves first is easy, and they say “just stop”.  But for others who are used to the hustle and grind of the fashion industry or entrepreneurship, you know its hard to say “just stop”.  So I started everydays “to-do” lists with my personal goals first (i.e exercise, family/ home related things and at least one leisure activity) and then added in my work schedule along with any emails or calls I would have to make after.

I was making progress when a friend of mine, Dawn, told me about the 30 Day PUSH Challenge she was going to be starting January 1. I went to the website and registered, since it was all about what I was training myself to do anyway. The 30 Day PUSH is a program started by Chalene Johnson about making the most of your To Do lists in order to maximize goal setting and accomplishments.



The first few days focus on what you may truly want in life and what you value. From those things you are able to set your goals and then create to-do lists based on those goals. I’m at day eleven and I can truly say the program is awesome! It’s so logical and easy, but for some reason the way it’s broken down makes setting a goal and accomplishing the steps to move forward seem so much easier. I’d suggest everyone give it a try.

This year I set out to achieve being a more balanced person- giving myself the personal time to focus on my health, my happiness and enjoying each accomplishment I achieve both personally and professionally.

I hope you all are making steps toward your goals as well, no matter how big or small. It just takes a few small steps a day and you’d be amazed  to see how far you will come in a month, even a year.

0ne of my favorite quotes

one of my favorite quotes


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