A Lull A Baby

So most of you may have noticed a lull in the blog posts. That reason would be a baby girl named Mireya (pronounced MA-RAY-A) Cruz.  She was born in the beginning of October and since then has been a total game changer. In a good way, bringing me joy and making me smile each and every day.

Mireya coming home from the hospital

Mireya coming home from the hospital

She also has taught me a lot when it comes to time management. Naps for newborns are short and frequent,  which means answering emails, sketching, drafting patterns, and sewing samples doesn’t happen in the continuous manner that it used to pre- Mireya. Instead they occur in short sporadic moments all through the day. So I have learned that a lot needs to be accomplished in 2.5 hours. It allows me to stop wasting time. To do what is necessary and prioritize what does and does not need to be done.

timing all my studio hours in sync with her nap times

timing all my studio hours in sync with her nap times

She has also allowed me to understand that rest is important and not something to be avoided. So when I’m exhausted and tired I don’t fight through it like I used to. I honor my body and rest.

image (10)

Along with honoring my body I’ve also decided to honor the people in my life that are important to me and now I make the time to spend with those that are important to me. I make sure to let people know that I’m thinking of them and to always return calls and texts.


So with the birth of my daughter life has changed, but in a great way. She has made me fall more in love, be more accountable  and be more driven, she’s made my life and goals more meaningful.

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