Over the past three years I have created an annual wearable art piece.  This year while beginning my fourth piece ( it’s currently on hold) I received an email from a former colleague informing me that she had passed my name and info on to a friend of her’s. She let me know that the woman owned an organic baby product company and loved my Mary Jane dress,  the woman, Sonja, thought there was potential for her and I to collaborate.

detail of the Mary Jane dress

detail of the Mary Jane dress

I Googled the company and was definitely interested.  Bum Boosa is a baby product company that creates their products from bamboo. They are best known for their bamboo baby wipes. When I spoke with Sonja, the founder of the company, she asked if I would be interested in running their Upcycle Program. The program was created so that Bum Boosa mom’s don’t have to throw away their product packaging, instead they have the opportunity to return the product packaging and see it be transformed into other products. In the past the Upcycle Program has offered tote bags and diaper changing pads.


Of course after hearing about the program and realizing that running this division of the Bum Boosa brand would satisfy my need to create an annual wearable art piece. I decided to accept the challenge of Upcycle Coordinator and begin sketching ideas.

When sketching ideas for wearable or found art, it’s a bit more hands on. There is less need for a pen and paper and more need for the material and was to adhere and manipulate it. After understanding the material and how it works, it’s easier to brainstorm ideas and the things I would want to offer the Bum Boosa parents.

photo (3)

After meeting with Sonja again and talking about product manipulation I’m hoping to begin the Upcycle Program with diaper changing pads and bibs and then move onto totes and finally some fun decorative items. I’m looking forward to how far I can go with my product development.

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