Zappos-the packaging

Being 9 months pregnant is like no other month of pregnancy. It is the month when your body is pushed to its limit. Water retention, weight gain, difficulty breathing, sleeping, walking, you name it, its hard to do.


Nine months pregnant


One thing that was hard for me to do, due to swelling of my legs was sleep. I found myself up late nights/early mornings. One early morning I came across an Open Call for Emerging Designers being held by The initial open call simply said to send your portfolio and press release in. It sparked my interest: so I did. That morning I uploaded images of past collections and sent off my press release.

A few days later I received an email from a Zappos Trend representative saying that they were happy to see my interest and invited me to submit a more detailed package for review. There were many elements to the package including samples, line sheets and the element that had me most nervous: a 5-7 minute video of myself. The video made me so nervous for a few reasons… the first being that I was literally  two weeks from my delivery due date. I was swollen, and couldn’t fit any of the designs I’ve made for myself. The second being I don’t have a video camera, so I had to figure out how I would film myself. I went online and learned about iMovie, after reading a few tutorials and online reviews. I downloaded the app and figured I would film myself on my phone and then edit from my phone as well.


Intro of my video on iMovie

The first week of putting the package together I had everything, samples and all, done. It left only my video to do.

On the day I had planned to film myself I went into labor. My daughter, Mireya, was born a week early. Being a new mom  made a lot of things I would normally do with ease like shower and run errands difficult and made my iMovie filming and editing move a lot slower than anticipated.

I ended up filming myself on an iPad in my sewing room while family visited with Mireya and my fiance, Cruz.  I edited the footage during Mireya’s naps. The process of editing and voice overs took a few days.

When the process was finished and the package was shipped, I felt so accomplished. With a new daughter, new lifestyle and new schedule I was still able to accomplish the things I set out to do.

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