StyleWeek: the show

January 21st came to be so fast. Just as New Years had arrived the next two weeks were a blur of late night sewing and late night feedings with Mireya. As soon as I had finished the last piece of the collection: StyleWeek had arrived.
The night before the show as I was hand sewing the waistband to a skirt and watching the news, I saw the weatherman report that New England was about to receive our second blizzard of 2014! I immediately became panicked, thinking of the double espressos mixed with iced coffee that had become my life line as a new mother and designer facing a fast approaching deadline. Not to mention I had missed so much sleep. I saw all that caffeine and lack of sleep being wasted on a cancelled show.
I texted a friend of mine to express my worries and compose myself. As I went to bed I hoped the weatherman was hyping a storm that wouldn’t be.
The next afternoon as if on cue, the snow began to fall as predicted. I received a call from Stefanie Edmonds, the designer coordinator, of StyleWeek. She was calling to inform me that Toni Spaziano of Chances R Designs would be showcasing the following day, due to weather and all of her models being children. That meant my show was being bumped up to 8pm and that the call time for models was also being bumped up. I thanked Stefanie and contacted the agencies to make sure my models knew the new call time, and also that due to weather they would still be able to walk in the show.
As Cruz and I began our trip to Providence, we realized how bad this storm was going to be. In the two hours it took us to get to Providence ( usually an hour ride) we were seeing the snow accumulate and traffic get worse.
As the dress rack got set up and stylist, Vinija Varghese (who braved the weather and traveled from New York) began styling the models we realized at 5:30pm we were missing three of our eight models. All the agencies confirmed that the three models were en route and would walk in the show.
At 6:45pm as Vini and I were creating an alternate run of show as a back up if the models didn’t show, the three girls arrived. Grateful for all of their travels ( the models had traveled from Cape Cod, New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island) we exchanged horror stories and traffic woes and then got all of the models in hair and make-up with just enough time for our 8:30pm show time.
As all the girls were finalizing their make up and Cruz had made his third trip to the car for yet another sewing necessity, I sat hand sewing the last hook and eye and experienced a huge sense of joy. I was blessed to be working with such great models, to have a wonderful stylist, a supportive fiancé, and to have the perfect accessories supplied by Ash&Willow.
The models had transformed to exactly what I envisioned the ENAMOUR woman to be: strong, sleek and feminine.
I’m grateful to the StyleWeek family, who give their all each night to ensure each designer has the show they envision, and to all the fashionistas and style enthusiasts who braved the winter weather to see my first StyleWeek show. Because it was truly my best yet.

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