A Bum Boosa Mom

If you follow my Facebook page or have glanced at my Instagram lately, I’m sure you’ve seen a few images of my daughter and myself photographed for a company called Bum Boosa. Bum Boosa is a baby brand that makes baby wipes and toilet paper from bamboo. The founder, Sonja Sheasley and I met in 2013 with the intention of collaborating on a project together.  After brainstorming Sonja and I came up with so many great products and ideas for the Upcycle Program I am now coordinating. Having the title of  Upcycle Coordinator means I will create products that are up-cycled (Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.) from the baby wipe packaging returned from Bum Boosa customers.  The first of which is a tote bag created from Bum Boosa baby wipe packaging, scrap fabric and quilted plastic bags.

Bum Boosa Tote

Bum Boosa Tote

Bum Boosa Tote

Bum Boosa Tote


After the tote I created baby powder scented rosette headbands,  which I’m excited to say are going to be featured on Etsy.com on the soon-to-be Bum Boosa Shop.  This Summer and Fall  I will be creating Bum Boosa baby powder scented beads for necklaces and bracelets as well as a diaper changer, bibs and other bag  and wipe dispenser types (a clutch comes to mind first).

Bum Boosa Rosette Headband

Bum Boosa Rosette Headband


The items I’m creating are a part of a great program and truly encourages recycling and paying attention to consumption and waste. When you purchase Bum Boosa baby wipes, you save the packaging. Once you have 24 packages return them to Bum Boosa and receive a coupon for 20 % off of your next purchase. And also having the peace of mind to know your packaging is fully recycled into new products! I love the concept and the  challenge of creating quality designs from a quality product.

Mireya and I with the baby wipes and rosette headbands

Mireya and I with the baby wipes and a rosette headband


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