ENAMOUR Redesigned:

I know usually my blog posts are a bit lengthy, but this one is short and sweet 🙂

Lately, working with Bum Boosa Bamboo Products has made me look a lot into the Eco-friendly world of production and fashion.

Learning so much about the waste in the industry inspired me to make a few changes to my process of production as well.

I’ve recently launched an Ustrendy Store called “Overstocked/Redesigned”.
On this site you will find items from past collections that are being sold for $65.00 or less and that have been redesigned. Also featured will be pieces that sold well offered at a discounted rate.The inventory is scarce so when an item sells out it will be retired, or discontinued.
Making this second store separate from the ENAMOUR store on our website, allows me to feel that I’m reducing my waste and excess inventory issues. But it also gives you brand new options and great designs to choose from.

Check it out using the link below:

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