Instagram Everything

As time has gone on I’ve developed ENAMOUR’s social media more and more. First this blog, then Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and now Instagram. Many of you follow my personal Instagram account, but as ENAMOUR is growing and exciting things are happening I want to create an account that shows what’s happening in the moment (although I love blogging, most of my blog posts are recaps of events after they happen).

Most recently we’ve teamed up with to create an ENAMOUR game day look. Fanatics is the go-to site to create your game-day style. We chose the Black on Black MLB hat to go with our Boxy Julz top and our Hi-Waist leggings. ENAMOUR took the Fanatics Game Day OOTD challenge and I must say I like how it turned out 🙂


Also featured on our IG account are shots of last month’s editorial shoot, some fashion Throwbacks and our Outfit of the Day (ootd) posts featuring great sale items and our new collection of Fall items.

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