Each season designers pick their muse and inspiration. Inspiration and muses being anything from a favorite color or place to a feeling or person. I, personally, am always inspired by women in history or times in history that affected women. So this season my muse and inspiration is Frida Kahlo.


I’m inspired by Frida for more than her artwork, but for her strength, loyalty and strong will. The honesty seen throughout her body of artwork can only be so moving to the viewer because she was so real about all aspects of her life. Beyond facing her emotional demons and tragic heartbreaks on canvas, she also endured tremendous pain daily from her spinal/pelvic injuries.
For her strength, honesty and artistic beauty I’m inspired by Kahlo.


While sketching this past week, I began to think of what time era Frida would most have loved in reference to American trends and immediately I thought of the grunge era. It so easily spoke to the androgyny that Kahlo so often evoked with her choice of clothing.

So for this collection I’m going to be meshing my admiration of Frida Kahlo with my love for Angela Chase from “My So-Called Life”.


Angela chase, the main character in a short lived TV series “My So-Called Life” easily mix and matched feminine skirts, dresses and tops with layered masculine tops and coats.

I’m looking forward to creating some artistically made designs to be worn on the runway this coming February 2015.

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7 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. kframpt says:

    Oh man. I loved that show! My So-Called Life was on when I was just about the same age as Angela. I loved her style/not style.

    PS I found you through the #TDCLBlogtober14 group!

    • june742 says:

      Yes! It was one of my favorite shows too!! And the DC Ladies has such a great community! I love sharing and being a part of their book clubs and activities! So glad we could connect 🙂

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