#TBT Rhythm Nation

Throw Back Thursday Trend:

By Nefertiti Moore; Fashion Stylist, NYC.

If you are a fan of fashion, like me, you recently saw the Alexander Wang collection for H&M. I was excited he was going to do something for this chain. I loved his Spring 2015 show and I think his work for Balenciaga is wonderful. This H&M collection is so fun.



I saw the ads and lookbook for the Alexander Wang collection and my brain screamed HEALTH GOTH!  As I read and saw the ads for Alexander Wang’s H&M Collection all I could see was the retro shapes of the late 80s early 90s. Let’s face it the 90s are back with a vengeance! From Iggy Azalea to Rihanna it’s apparent.


Iggy in her “Clueless” remake

rihanna 90s

Rihanna is retro


There are hi -top fades and up rock Hair dos all over the place these days.  Some days they look like Hillman students, other days they look like Saved by the Bell extras.


classic Kelly from Saved by the Bell

lisa bonet

Lisa Bonet as Denise on “A Different World”


The new Alexander Wang H&M collection reminds me of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation era with the  black on black.


Janet Jackson


Rhythm Nation

It felt to me that Wang was channeling Janet’s look and embracing the Health Goth trend.  Why not? Everyone else is.  Beyonce’s Halloween costume was Rhythm Nation JJ and apparently Rihanna is one of the lucky people that were able to get some of the coveted collection.

beyonce as jj

JJ Homage on Bey


RiRi in Wang

If you don’t believe me Google the hash tag #healthgoth, you will not be disappointed. Here are a couple of photos of my friend Bianca Alexis and her signature #healthgoth looks.

Bianca in Astor Place

Bianca in Astor Place

I immediately started looking to the streets for hints of these trends. I found a bevy of people were already on this Black is the new Black thing. I was so excited I had to ask them to take photos of their outfits.

Sam in Paris

Sam in Paris





Frankly I love it! I love that these elements are back in style and take me back to the days of dancing in the den to “Miss You Much” and “Love Will Never Do“.

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2 thoughts on “#TBT Rhythm Nation

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Nefertiti, for clueing me in to a really interesting fashion subculture–health goth! I will looking for it on the streets here in Boston.

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