New year Same hustle

The New Year has rolled in and with it all the good intentions and positivity that make this time of year so motivating and for me, the first ENAMOUR event of 2015 so exciting. If you follow our Facebook page or the everything_enamour Instagram, then you’ve seen my posts in the studio and my most recent post about StyleWeek.


I’m excited to be showing at Providence’s StyleWeek in February to debut my Fall/Winter 2015 collection. This collection feels so fresh and artistic. It took me three years of designing my ENAMOUR line to find the style lines, items and fabrics that ENAMOUR women like best, and with all of that under my belt, approaching this seasons collection I was able to focus on the process and fabrication and really get back into the creative aspect I felt my last collections were missing. I can’t wait to share this collection with you Thursday, February 19th! Hope to see you there!

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