What’s Shorr Style?

In the fashion industry there are so many people to meet and connect with on a daily basis.  I love connecting with women who are pushing themselves to be one step better than they were last year. Just recently while participating in an LFP Fashion event I met Lisa Shorr, an image consultant. I was intrigued with her story  because although she started as a stylist (and still does do personal consultations), she has expanded her brand to image consultant- educating others about the importance of branding yourself and making a great first impression.

Image consultant- Lisa Shorr

Image consultant- Lisa Shorr


How did you get into styling?

In 2010, Stylist Jill Marinelli was offering a six week seminar on becoming a stylist. The class offerings caught my attention and I decided to enroll. Jill’s classes laid the foundation and gave me the inspiration to start my own business.

Did you always love fashion and styling?

Although my education is in marketing and before starting Shorr Style I worked with my husband to start our tech company, Secure Future Tech Solutions, I always had an obsession with color and accessories. Over the years I found myself having collections of accessories. I believe it was the influence of my Grandma Belle. She was a cosmetics saleswoman, so throughout my childhood I have memories of her filling make up orders or doing demos and constantly instilling in me through example the importance of being prepared and presenting your best self to the world.

How do you get to know your clients?

When working with a new client I have them fill out a questionnaire, the questionnaire covers the basics but also asks my clients about their lifestyle, ideals, what they want to look like and also things they shy away from fashion wise. The questionnaire is very specific, because I want to make sure I have a true feel for who I’m working with so I can provide them with the best possible consultation.

What does a “Closet Clean up” consist of?

A closet clean up is usually a 4 hour process. My client and I go through their closet and analyze the  items they have purchased over the years. We decide if the items should be kept, donated or revamped. Many times an item can be restored or refreshed by adding new buttons or changing the sleeve length etc. Refreshing items gives new life to clothing that otherwise wouldn’t leave the client’s closet or may have been outdated, but now are suitable to wear.

What are some of the challenges of being a personal stylist?

The biggest challenge of personal styling is the balance of finding my clients wardrobe pieces that are comfortable and stylish.  In the images provided I made a few small changes to a client’s comfortable look, to allow her to still feel comfortable, but be more stylish and presentable at the same time, without straying too far from her personal style.






Most of your clients are mature women in their 40’s. What is some of the style advice you give them?

The women who use my services are very open to change, but with options. Most women purchase clothing with emotions in mind, so I try to see what emotions my client’s closets/ purchases evoke and if it is in line with what my client wants to portray based on their questionnaire. Once I have figured that out I can begin to help them pick the wardrobe choices that best suit them. I tell a lot of my clients that color blocking, area of focus designs, flattering shapes and styles are key. Also I can’t stress how important tailoring is! Many clients don’t want to accept that tailoring is needed, but mature women do need to tailor clothing for fit.

What are your top 5 items of clothing that all women should have in their closet?

There are more than 5 items,  I think there are actually  10 staple wardrobe pieces, but if I had to narrow it down to 5 I would say:

1. Black Pants- tailored so they fit well

2. Black Skirt- the skirt type would vary based on your shape

3. Black Blazer- structured to flatter your form

4. Dark wash jeans- well fit and the proper length

5. An accessory ( scarf, purse, statement necklace)- this would vary based on personal style

What is more challenging a personal consultation or an Editorial shoot?

I know many would think a personal consultation would be more challenging, but actually personal styling is more practical and because it draws on the lifestyle of my client I feel it is a bit easier than styling for an editorial shoot. I’m currently  the stylist for Trade Secrets Magazine, the editorials are more edgy and its a challenge to bring out the model’s personality and to convey who they are through the styling.

What is the most challenging body type to style?

I think the most challenging body type to dress is an apple shape. A fuller center is a bit harder to outfit. I tell my clients that our goal is ” Fit, Flatter, and Focus”. So in the case of an apple shape I like to have my clients focus on scarves and statement necklaces to draw the focus to their face and away from their trouble areas.

Why did you make the switch from a stylist to an image consultant?

Overall I am still a stylist, but I felt that expanding  my services into image consulting  allowed me to combine my knowledge of marketing with my love of fashion. Because I’ve been in the corporate field for years, it was only natural that I would begin to aide companies in staying on brand by not only making sure their company imagery is in line, but that as a business owner and employee they are also representing their brand. I explain to my clients the importance of non-verbal first impressions and offer Professional Image Workshops as well as Presentation Coaching.

What’s next for Shorr Style?

As my image consulting agenda grows I look forward to many more corporate speaking engagements as well as continuing my personal styling services.


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