A “GOOD” partnership

Last year I decided to go to Ahhtime Skin and Lash Studio for a massage and facial. While there I met the owner, Maureen O Connor, who upon finding out about ENAMOUR decided immediately I needed to meet with Stitched owner, Kathryn Hilderbrand. So we left the spa and headed across the way to Stitched for an informal introduction.

When I explained to Kathryn about ENAMOUR and my need for small run production she let me know I’d be a perfect fit for her new manufacturing company, Good Clothing Company. 

A Good Clothing Company focuses on small runs of sustainable production for designers. Tapping into their 30+ years of experience in the industry and striving to overcome the obstacles that they know many designers face, their mission and sole driving force is creating a much needed service that is in line with their basic set of principles — less is more and green is best; practing ethical and sustainable production every step of the way.

After hearing about their mission, of course, I agreed and we decided to meet once she was fully set up in the new space.

Once Good Clothing Company was up and running Kathryn and her team met with me and I am excited to say we are in the works for production!

Katherine (fourth from the left) and her team

in the studio

just as set up of the space began


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