An IG Giveaway

This weekend we had our first Instagram giveaway. We asked our followers and fans of Frida Kahlo to tell us why Kahlo is inspirational to them. I was so inspired and moved by the answers we got.

As many of you know who follow the blog, Kahlo was a portion of the inspiration of my current collection so it was great to know others see what I see in her: beauty, self confidence, strength, honesty and creativity.


the artist Frida Kahlo


It wasn’t easy picking our winners, but we did and three Frida T-shirts are headed to Boston, Ohio and the United Kingdom!

I hope the ladies that won are as happy to wear the tees as I was in creating and making the design.


the Frida T-shirt is available on


This giveaway was such a success, I’ve decided to make another custom t-shirt and host a giveaway in May! I hope you’ll all join in!

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