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This month I’m thrilled to introduce Charissa Moore of the House of Bliss to our interview series. Most of the women from past interviews have been in the Fashion industry. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work on branding and streamlining ENAMOUR visually and in doing so I happened upon a weekly Twitter chat called #blisschat. The chat is hosted by Charissa and covers all topics concerning brand clarity.

Since “meeting” Charissa I’ve become so clear on many aspects of ENAMOUR as a brand and really wanted to learn more about the woman behind the great advice, tips and seminar entitled Blissboost.

I was more than excited when Charissa agreed to an interview.

 Tell us a little about yourself and in the style of BlissChat lets add in a fun fact- your choice:

My name is Charissa Moore, I’m a 26-year-old Denver native that loves words and helping people triple their businesses! A fun fact? When I was little, I told people that I wanted to run a think tank. I also slept with the dictionary under my pillow… so, I guess it kinda worked! 

Have you always loved writing?

 Yes! I’ve always loved writing, being in people’s creative process, and helping them realize that their dreams are possible — all through words. There’s something about getting to the root of how people communicate, and then shining light on it to help them achieve amazing things that really just lights me up.

How did you find yourself in the business of helping others market themselves through words?

It started when I realized I get an amazing feeling when I can see someone’s path and dreams — and the way to them. I am a visionary, so I love the oversight that comes with helping people see the steps they need to take in their business and business writing, in order to get where they want to be. Whether that’s on a beach for a month, six figures in the bank, or saving for an adoption — everyone has things they want to achieve. I started three businesses in 2013, sold the first two, and kept House of Bliss. People kept asking how I did it, and how my writing on my site was laser-focused and converted really well. So, I decided to teach them… and launched Blissboost. 

What was the deciding factor in starting House of Bliss as opposed to working for a company doing something similar?

 I’ve always been someone who walks to the beat of her own drum. I like creating my own party more than going to other ones — though those are fun, too. Plus, I’m a leader when it comes to business. I worked in corporate America for years before launching my own business(es), which was valuable. I learned exactly what I don’t want to do with my own company, and also really great characteristics and systems to emulate. It was amazing and very eye-opening.

As an entrepreneur, what is one of the biggest challenges you face in your industry?

I think as entrepreneurs in 2015, online business is what is usually the focus. That’s absolutely the case for my business personally, and that of my clients. But, being online has its challenges. We are a generation of connection. We decide to be attached at the hip to our iPhones, the internet, our computers, tablets, social media, and email all the time. When what we really want is to be connected to our dream in the first place. We know what we want to do, but have a hard time staying focused in order to actually get it done. Focusing is hard when we’re constantly bombarded by tweets, direct messages, emails, calls, reminders, and new shows on Netflix.

On the flip side: what is one of your greatest successes to date?

Oooo! Launching Blissboost for sure. I was constantly getting asked really good questions through #blisschat, and I thought there might be something to that. I thought it over, and then later dreamed about it in my sleep one night. The next day, I launched the sales page, wrote it and had people signing up for a course that (at that time) was just a framework. I went to Los Angeles to clear my head and my schedule, wrote the curriculum, came back home to Denver and started teaching. We’re about four months in and I have 40 students in our next session. It’s a week-long intensive every month, and with that, Blissboost members get everything House of Bliss offers in our shop — all of our trainings, marketing and writing guides, webinars, books… everything. I’m pretty proud.

If you hadn’t started House of Bliss would you have ever chosen another profession?

That’s a great question. I would’ve been an artist full-time. Prior to House of Bliss, I was doing art full-time, and running a wildly popular art blog. I really love mixed media, creative play, and getting my hands in paint. I used to teach art classes in the park, during the summertime. I love art, and still create — just not as much as I used to. 

What personal challenge have you overcome that you feel helps fuel your enthusiasm for your business?

When I was 20, I got diagnosed with breast cancer. At 21, I beat it. At 22, I got engaged. At 23, I got married. At 24? I got divorced… and at 25, I launched House of Bliss. All of that has prepared me for the only sure thing in life — that change will happen, and you’ve gotta roll with the punches when it does! There is always a rupture point, in every season of life. When you accept that, and use that rupture as fuel to birth something amazing? That’s when things get really good. 

Any mantra or words of wisdom you’d like to share that really push you forward on those hard days we’ve all had?

love mantras, and I have a few. One is tattooed on my right arm, and says, “all is full of love.” It’s true. In every moment, we have the choice to love or to fear. Seeing everything from a place of love helps to transmute the coal into diamonds. (And who doesn’t love those?!) 

We hear so often as entrepreneurs to delegate, for some of us this is a hard task, I know you are a fan of delegating certain tasks, can you tell us what was the first thing you delegated in your business and why?

Yes! I talk a lot about my automate-delegate-create cycle in Blissboost and with my private clients a lot. Delegating is a surefire way to keep your sanity as a business owner or entrepreneur. The first thing I delegated was my calendar and scheduling. I joke that our Administrative Supervisor, Rachel, plays Tetris with my calendar, because she’s amazingly detail-oriented and keeps everything working smoothly on my calendar. I found that the time I spent working through scheduling appointments and coordinating calls/client dates/business retreats and other things was better spent on creating. I’m a visionary and I needed someone who was details-minded. That’s Rachel!

You run a seminar called BlissBoost, can you tell us a little about it?

Yes! Blissboost is a mastermind workshop that is a yearly membership. As part of your membership, you receive everything that is in the shop, and anything I release during your active membership. So any books I write, any webinars I create, any trainings I make… they’re all yours, for free, included in Blissboost. You also are part of a week-long intensive each month, where I teach you and fellow students how to write every single piece of copy you need for your website. You’ll learn how to make a sales page that converts, how to write your dreaded about page, how to write sales emails, opt-ins, social media bios, tweets that convert… and more. You can re-take the intensive as many times as you want in your membership. 

Falling in line with the standards you set for Bliss Boost, can you tell us a few brands that you feel are successful in their wording and approach to marketing?

I love Apple’s branding. Hahaha. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. Their messaging is clear, and they’re really wonderful at copy. I also really love T-Mobile’s branding as a whole, but their copywriting is relatable, actionable, and clear. 

Can you explain to listeners how they can sign up for Blissboost if they feel their brand is weak in the copy department?

Sure! You can visit to get more information, hear what my students have to say, and to see more detail about what is included. And, if you enter “ENAMOUR” at checkout, you’ll save $300 on your membership!  

Last question: What’s next for House of Bliss?

Good question! We’ve got three new courses launching this Spring and Summer, and we’re looking at a Blissboost meetup in person, on an island…. I like dreaming big, remember? We have a goal of 100 people in Blissboost by the end of the year, and as of March, we’ve got 40 — so we’re making great progress towards that goal! Exciting!

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